Government Projects

Government projects are another sector we tend to work in. We are heavily involved in Wet Weather Treatment Plants and have a good relationship with the general contractors who typically run these projects. The difficulties in government projects, such as MWRA, is the speed at which they move. Typically we do complete a project of this type prior to a few years of when it began. Understandably, the glass and glazing scope comes pretty close to last as far as scheduling is concerned; however, these types of projects seem to drag out much much more than other types of commercial buildings, such as retail for example. New England Glass continues to become involved in government projects, with a mental note about the length of time it will take to complete. Through practice and opening our range of projects NEGM estimates and becomes awarded, we are further developing strategies to be the most efficient and profitable we can be. Many of these government projects are in our back yard, or as stated above, with a GC we prefer to work with; therefore, we know there are a few factors on our side.

It is important as a company to take a step back and consider the value in bidding and taking on certain project types. NEGM as a company has worked to perfect these skills and projects are being reviewed by multiple personnel across many stages of the game.